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    Revolutions is a roleplay game, set in an alternative version of the Dragon Age universe.

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    1. Correspondence

      1. Support

        The primary place for getting help from the staff team. You can also leave feedback and make suggestions.

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      2. Questions and Answers

        Bring your questions here! This is for anything you're not sure about, specifically for getting something done.

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        Come in, relax, and have some Out-Of-Character fun!

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    2. Characters

      1. Adoptables

        Want a new character without starting from scratch? Looking for somebody to take on a character for you? Post your requests here! 

      2. Character Concepts

        The place to let people know about any idea you have for a character, with the chance to receive feedback. This includes new characters, edits to existing characters, adoptables, and even Restricted Roles.

        NOTE | This is a guest-friendly forum -- you can ask about your idea for a character before registering to join the site.

      3. Sheets

        Our collection of character sheets. Select the relevant icon below to look by race.


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    3. Plotting

      1. General Plotting

        The central part of public plotting, where we gather together as a community.

        NOTE | For events, smaller plots, random plots, Quests, and Ships. You can also find the Plot Info Hub within.

      2. Hub Central

        This is where we plot for parts of the game where activity often swells around a common aspect, be it for people or otherwise.

        NOTE | A hub is defined as an aspect of the setting where multiple people are likely to be involved on a consistent basis. Included within are hubs for factions, groups, and cities.

      3. Player Emporium

        Keep track of all your roleplaying here! Want a plot centre for a character or as a player? Then post one here!

        NOTE | No group plots in this forum please. No pre-made templates required.

      4. Plot Concepts

        This is where you can post any idea you have that is plot related, with the chance to receive feedback.

        NOTE | This is a guest-friendly forum -- you can ask about your idea for a character before registering to join the site.

      5. Plot Episodes   (407 visits to this link)

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    4. World of Thedas

      1. Anderfels


        The Blighted lands are where the power of the Grey Wardens is strongest.

      2. Antiva


        A land of spice and danger, where trade flows as freely as the wine and the Antivan Crows hold sway.

      3. Ferelden


        A young nation with an embattled populace, Ferelden recently underwent a miraculous recovery of its Blighted lands.

      4. Free Marches


        Home to a scattered people, most often bound by extremely large city-states.

      5. Nevarra


        A former city-state that holds great wealth and power, yet often struggles to hold its statehood against the power of Orlais.

      6. Orlais


        The Orlesian Empire is the most powerful nation in Thedas and the heart of the Andrastian Chantry.

      7. Rivain


        A land full of wild things and a free people, where the heart of the magi rebellion lies and magic is largely untamed.

      8. Tevinter Imperium


        The oldest country in Thedas, this once mighty nation has struggled to maintain its power in the face of the invading Qunari.

      9. The Deep Roads


        Dark things dwell within the world below, death awaiting those who would tread where once the dwarves ruled.

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    5. Featured

      1. Character Episodes

        Do you have a story you want to tell and it is more in the style of a fanfic for your character? Do you have chapters, past events, or time between RP's that need filling? If so, then post them in here!

      2. Character Correspondence

        Got a diary/journal to write in-character? Want to send a letter? Exchange letters between characters? Then post them here!

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      • Vengeance and Brotherhood
        Christian Veles - Posted
        Christian was excited now that they were no longer stuck at a dead end. Running inside the tavern, he was very loud and very excitable, practically bouncing around Eoria when he found her. "Ihaveanidea! Ihaveanidea!" he chattered, before pulling Caspian forward. "If anyone knows where our dragon would be, it's him!!!" He gestured towards his brother with flailing arms, grinning from ear to ear. They finally weren't stuck!
      • A Sister's Bond
        Irin Dia'dami - Posted
        "You are..what?" Irin's face changed from confusion to shock in mere seconds. "Bonded?" She whispered, not quite understanding. Of course Irin knew her sister would be bonded to the keeper eventually, but she certainly did not think it had happened and could not understand why it had been done in secret. She had not been at her own sister's bonding. A wave of pain crashed down as the reality of her thoughts really set in. She had not been given the chance to watch her baby sister bonded and despite everything the two had been through in the past, this broke her heart. They had lost their mamae and Irin always thought she had taken the place more than a sister, as she certainly nagged enough to earn the role, and always, always thought she would be by her sister's side when she was bonded, watching over her as a mamae would, but celebrating her as a sister would.  "Oh, that's wonderful. Congratulations Minuet," Irin said with a shaky voice, giving her sister a smile as she tried to hide the hurt she was feeling. Of course she was happy for her sister as Min deserved  to be happy and live a new life, but it still hurt so much.  "When did this happen?" 
      • In Search of Recruits
        Nariel - Posted
        After everything that happened to the young elf the past month, Nariel had been spending more and more time with the Halla and less time learning magic. She was not necessarily avoiding her papae and Minuet, or even her mamae on purpose, but rather found herself wanting to be around the great beasts more than her family. She was no longer giving the green haired asha as hard a time as she was before and she no longer brought up her mother and father getting back together, as that was clearly not happening, but the more time she spend not around them all, the less time she had to act happy for everything going on. She was happy for her papae, deep down, but on the surface she was still having a hard time, she was just handling her emotions better and not being as rude as before.  Currently she was snuggled against one of her favorite Halla, the beautiful creature snuffing her hair with it's warm breath. Nariel had been training for so long to be a Halla Keeper but when her magic finally emerged, her dreams seemed dashed. How could she be a first and a Halla Keeper at the same time? She only hoped, hoped so very much, that she would be able to. She could not give the Halla up.  When she heard voiced her head popped up, squinting to see who else was visiting. Of course she knew Halla Keeper Valas, but who was the other elf? Nariel quietly watched with big eyes, curious to see who she was. 
      • Vengeance and Brotherhood
        Eoria d'Avenoi - Posted
        Hearing Chrissy shout, Eoria stopped with her training and headed in the direction of the noise.  She had no interest in anything else save hunting down the cultists - but if Chrissy had an idea, that was worth Eoria dragging herself inside to listen. When she caught sight of the man, she noted the stranger by his side but did not acknowledge him.  "Do you know how to reach the cultists?" she demanded of Chrissy.
      • Oh baby...
        Sabriel d'Arrignan - Posted
        She yelped in surprise as Owen scooted her up, the sound quickly turning into a giggle as he carried Sabriel into the water. While the cold of winter had long passed, the air was cold enough for the hot water to steam slightly, covering it in a fine mist. The cold breeze had the expected effect on Sabriel's body, although she expected that the source of such, ah, pointed reactions would soon shift to Owen. Not that she minded in a bit - in fact, she planned to make a... certain point on her own. She settled into his lap with a faint smile on her lips, her fingers running over his shoulders and sculpted chest even as he started his own caresses. Sabriel for her part didn't plan on rushing - they had no need to hurry, and they had come here specifically to get away from all the stress they usually faced.

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      Revolutions is a Dragon Age fan project, for fans of Thedas and newcomers alike.

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